iVoip Smart Bypass


iVoip Smart Bypass is a software based Tunneling encryption solutions, which is use to bypass any firewall / blockage for VoIP calls and
this is provide VoIP services in low bandwidth areas and reduces bandwidth consumption up to 70% . Our advanced bypass and efficient tunneling encryption technology can Pass VoIP calls through any internet firewall or blockage .

By using iVoip Smart Bypass encrypted VoIP transport, users will be able to communicate confidentially and your VoIP traffic cannot be sniffed or blocked by any kind of firewall or blocked network zone . iVoip Smart Bypass tunneling solutions automatically adapts user network circumstances and it is prepared for further enhancement to prevent the usage of new blocking technologies.

iVoip Smart Bypass is implemented advanced compression technique and efficient handling of jitter buffer. It takes extremely low bandwidth and It encrypt/decrypt SIP and RTP packets, so that end user can make calls from any block area. Using iVoip Smart Bypass built-in encryption you can forget all your blocking issues and pass calls through any internet firewall or blockage .

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